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MOLLIA s.r.o. - Direct Response Marketing Company


We Get Businesses More Customers Using Proven Sales Funnels!

We know you're sick of being pestered and promised results by SEO agencies and Web Development Companies from all over the world. Only to be taken for a ride and with no results 

So What can we offer you that's different?? 

We set up both online and non-online businesses with world-class digital marketing strategies that bring them more customers, leads and sales.  We also put into place strategies to nurture existing customers, improve average order values & increase the frequency of their purchases!

To do this we use  traffic sources like Facebook & Instagram (which we know like the back of our hands) to drive prospective customers through a custom built sales funnel (just a fancy word for a guided path to purchasing/becoming a lead). Within this funnel we collect important customer information and automatically relay that back to you. You will then be able to can close or continue to sell time and time again to your new customer!

Now of course we have the ability and the skills to assist you with the full gambit of digital marketing services you would expect to see at an agency. However, we have decided to focus on the 2 pain points of all business - TIME & MONEY.

Our Expertise

Unlike other agencies we focus on the things that matter to business owners - Customers, Leads & Sales.

We aim to deliver you results in the fastest way possible. This is why we use Google, Facebook & Instagram as our main traffic sources!

Business address

MOLLIA s.r.o.

Nad Přehradou 765, Praha 10 - Horní Měcholupy, Praha 109 00, Česká Republika

Telephone number: +420 776 669 396

Date of incorporation: 23. November 2020 

Company ID: 09694285